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Every day since she joined:
She is in constant violation of rule 4 and is racist 25/8:
Noxty, NoRunning, Bluey, Ethel, etc:

HAa9JaV.pngTranslation "Noxty is the most wicked", this is rulebreaking rule 4 because of how she is talking straight shit about Noxty
m6q8Ala.png Translation "I hope they die" She is literally saying she hopes people on the server die, pictures below say she is talking about Noxty, Swangz, and Astro
8SDtXVU.png She is speaking about how is her and another player named Kaz had a baby she would make it a second Elliot Rodger, Elliot Rodger was a shooter in a massacre killing six people and injuring more.
phzAjii.png Here she is speaking down on an entire gender, self explanatory.
iwWm7gC.png Translation "I think swangz, noxty, and astro are very bad" this just helps give knowledge about who she is talking about in the other messages she speaks French in
gEWlden.png Here she is linking racist songs getting people to listen to them, literally read the name of the song and if you don't think it is racist go listen to it.
b3tueas.png Above picture, this proves that she is actively trying to get people to listen to said racist song
ATXuB45.png Translation "deodorant is not very intelligent XD" here she is literally calling a very active player on the server stupid and speaking down to him in a language he can't even understand.
xgqNmzL.png Translation "swangz is an idiot, noxty does it very very hot lmao" here she is literally calling another player on the server an idiot
HRHewby.png Here she is comparing a moderator to someone who committed a massacre killing people

All of the above pictures are before Choco asked me to provide extra messages around the designated message, more proof will be provided below in Choco's format.

All of the posts below are in Choco's format to make sure she wasn't provoked when she was talking about things rule breaking.

yzSPk1A.png Here again she is talking down about the entire female race speaking about how females are not funny and are not suppose to be.
Xreb4kR.png Here is just proof that everything she says she is serious about
1zJb8k5.png Here she just talks shit about a player of the server
xYs4ML0.png Here is the statement where she literally calls a school shooter funny and laughs about him
8eosKBF.png Here she is saying she agrees with Hitler on almost everything
i9rTUGk.png Here she is saying how women are dumber than men always, talking down about the female gender once again
D2C2ATj.png Here again she is talking down about the female gender
chjlSno.png Here she is saying Jewish people are worse than Social Justice Workers
J2Acah5.png Here she is talking down about Transsexuals and also connecting to Hitler once again
nnyys6e.png Here she is literally saying she wants Hitler to kill someone on the sever

Fuck this bullshit ban her plox

Posted Mar 9, 18 · OP
Before I make a my statement I will address each claim individually.

1.) mistranslation: I said noxty is the most mean
2.) yeah because you guys CONSTANTLY harass and ridicule me but you don't include those chats in the report
3.) I'm white, kazu is asian. Elliot rodger was half white and half asian. I jokingly said that as a way of saying no when someone told me to have kids with Kazu.
4.) Someone asked me about my opinion on women's role in society. I think us women should be dedicated to our families. I stand by that.
5.) I used the same "mechante" word as earlier and it means I think they are mean. You are either google translating this and it is faulty, or you are deliberately mistranslating it.
6.) Choco asked me for my favorite rap song. I told him it was bad but since not too many players were online I posted in anyways. Btw I don't have discord so I don't even see the discord.
7.) I jokingly said Deodorante isn't very smart when he said he was stupid for not realizing something. It was a joke.
8.) That's not what that means lol but I said Swangz is an idiot because he called me insane and said he would pay me to have therapy (Wtf?)
9.) That's a joke. Choco and I are good friends and we jokingly tease each other.
10.) Take a joke
11.) I specifically mean when people ask me for my political positions. Do not take it seriously when I'm joking.
12.) He said he is 16 and had 30 girlfriends. Any girl would call him a fuckboy
13.) Elliot Rodger jokes are hilarious
14.) Someone told me hitler hated slavs and why do I like hitler? I told him I did not agree with him on everything
15.) But you don't mention Deodorante saying being a girl means nothing?
16.) name one funny women comedian who isn't jewish or lesbian
17.) and is that not true
18.) and is that not true
19.) that's so outrageous it's obviously a joke

For most of the translations you mistranlate things to make the semantics seem bad. You also take things I say jokingly, show ONLY what I say, not the prior conversation or any context and present it as me saying it seriously. This is wrong and slanderous. I think you're disgusting for doing this. It's deceiving. Yeah I have different political beliefs than most. Yeah I'm different. But most of my beliefs are the same as normal people believed in 100 years ago. Anyways, I would like to add that you (Swangz, Noxty, & NoRunning) constantly bully and harass me. And now you're pretending to be the victim. You always say things to me to provoke me. Swangz you called me insane and crazy and you told me multiple times that you would pay me to go to therapy. NoRunning & Noxty you know I'm of russian descent and you constantly shit talk russians to me. You know that upsets me. I don't think you should be banned for that though. I think people should be able to express themselves, unlike you.

EDIT: Ethel and Bluey both replied not to be included as witnesses (and as of this post you deleted those posts and your post still lists them at witnesses
Posted Mar 9, 18 · Last edited Mar 9, 18
4.) Someone asked me about my opinion on women's role in society. I think us women should be dedicated to our families. I stand by that.
You can make this call for yourself, and only yourself.
It's wrong to try and make a decision on behalf of someone else. You should let people have their freedom to make their own choices, it's their right. Many times before have you declared for other groups of people what they should be doing or how they should devote their lives.
That's morally wrong. Live and let live.

You generalise close to the whole God damn planet.
"All these, every that."
"Women this." "Slavs such"
"Turks so" "Jews something"

You'd do well to remember each and every individual has a mind of their own. Similarly, they too should have the right to be defined not by some lackluster, incoherent and overall incorrect delusional statement about demographic/religious groupings that they themselves do not even necessarily identify themselves with. Each individual has the right to be defined by his own actions.

The way you see the world is toxic, for it unjustfully accuses innocent people for things they didn't do, over outdated and false beliefs over something that was done by long dead people. "All Turks are shits".
That's something for a 2-year-old to say. You should have more brain power than that.

(And no, I'm not asking you to forget the past. And no, like you attempted to suggest before, I'm not making excuses for crimes commited in the past. But I won't arrest my neighbour at number 12 over something that the neighbour at number 16 said. Or lock up the person walking across the street over something his aunt did. I'm telling you to rationalise.)

I have no doubt some people are conferring a Witch-Hunt on you, but you too could choose not to give them a reason to. Perhaps just not respond to them. Most of them are minors, what do you hope to achieve? If anyone is bothering you, you can report them as well. I cannot reasonably be asked to go over each and every chat log of the past 14 days.

I must go into conclave with some people.
Posted Mar 10, 18 · Last edited Mar 10, 18
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