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News Flash: Skyblock!

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Hey peeps,

It's time for something brand new on Pinchcliffe! We joyfully present:


How to get to skyblock
Use /is or make your way to the newly added portal above the pond at /spawn.

Permadeath and world protections
Skyblock is Permadeath. If you die without any extra lives, you lose everything and you have to start anew. If you fall into the void, you have to start anew. If you form a team and your team member dies, you both have to start anew. If you form a team and your team member kills you, you have to start anew.

It's Permdeath, you have been warned.

Yes, you can work in teams! 😁
Teams can still only occupy 1 island. To invite someone to your island, use /is invite <username> As was said, if any member of your team dies, your entire island and all inhabitants are wiped. PvP is enabled for teams, so be careful.

World Settings and Protections
PvP is only enabled between team members. Visitors that aren't members of your island cannot PvP. Visitors cannot kill or edit anything on any islands but their own.

Fire spread is enabled.

Voting doesn't work. Votes will be saved until you exit skyblock.

Island info
You start out with a small dirt 'n grass island with a set of base items and a tree, you build your island from there. :)

The total island zone is 450x450 (from bedrock to sky limit), with the starting island centered in the middle at around y:120. There is a 50-block neutral zone inbetween all islands. Every island spawns 500 blocks apart.

All blocks on your island count towards the island level. More valuable blocks placed will contribute more points to your island level. The total island level can be viewed using /is level. Island level will alter certain game features, as well as enable some new ones. You may also compete in the leaderboards.
Spoiler: Block ValuesShow

Altered Cobblestone Generators
Cobblestone generators will be one of the primary ways to acquire building blocks. To spice things up a little we've implemented an altered cobble generator mechanic.

As your island level progresses, cobblestone generators may start to spawn smooth stone & ores, instead of cobblestone!
At level 50, smooth stone is unlocked.
Every 100 island levels, a new ore type is added.
- 100: Coal ore
- 200: Iron ore
- 300: Redstone ore
- 400: Diamond ore
- 500: Emerald ore

Island Controlpanel
Use /is controlpanel to see a variety of settings; you may also visit other features through the control panel, like the shop and challenges. Island homes can be moved through the control panel.

Island Minishop
The minishop can be accessed through the controlpanel. Here, you may buy some basic items and materials. Money can be earned through completing challenges and player trading.

See also: /challenges
Once you have the items required, click on a challenge to complete it. Completed challenges may earn you new rewards, as well as items and experience.

Extra lives can be acquired by unlocking a new challenge tier, giving the potential to unlock 4 extra lives.

Player Interactions & [trade] signs
Warps can be created by placing down a sign with [welcome] on line 1. Other players may then visit your island, protections apply as previously mentioned.
To warp to someone's island, use /island warp <player>
[trade] signs can be used to set up shops for other players to browse. For trade signs, use the following lay-out:

Line 1: [trade]
Line 2: <What I want>
Line 3: <What I offer in return>:<how much I got to offer>
Line 4: *blank*

For example:
1 Dirt:16

The above sign will sell dirt, for 15$ each. I have 16 dirt to sell.

For example:
10 Cobblestone

The above sign will buy cobblestone, for 5$ per 10. You can sell me $250's worth of cobblestone total.

To restock your sigh, right click it whilst holding the correct items.

for more details consult:
Posted Mar 8, 18 · OP · Last edited Sat at 16:49
Ples, I need a partner. :undecided:
Posted Mar 8, 18
We should keep a set of counters of # of casualties in Skyblock! 😁
# of deaths in past 24h.
Number of unique casualties ever.
Total number of deaths ever.
Posted Mar 9, 18 · OP
you should remove where you say it's permadeath
Posted Mar 13, 18
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