1.) No hacking/bug abuse/exploits.
We don't allow hacks of any sort, if it gives you an unfair advantage over other players, simply don't use it. This includes but is not limited to xray, flying, speed modifiers, bots, etc. Most mods, such as minimaps, inventory sorters, and HUDs are allowed. However, if you're unsure if a specific mod would be allowed or not, speak to a member of staff about it for confirmation.
Bug abuse and exploits cover a wide variety of things, from exploiting the anti-AFK system using an ingame machine or third party program, to abusing obvious malfunctions or oversights in server configs. Again, if you're unsure if something may be considered bug abuse or exploiting, speak with a member of staff for confirmation.

2.) No griefing/stealing from other players homes/chests.
Nobody likes a griefer or a thief. If it's not your building, or not your items - don't touch it, unless you have direct permission from the rightful owner to do so. Please note, because someones building or area is not protected by landlord, doesn't mean it's available to grief.

3.) No spamming (Caps, repeated messages).
You don't need to write in full caps for someone to notice your message. Please only use caps where necessary. Similarly, you don't need to spam the same message over and over to be noticed, one message is fine.
Note, spamming people with TPA requests and/or other commands which may flood their chat comes under this rule. If you're flooding someones chat with unnecessary messages of any sort, it counts as spam.

4.) Treat all players with respect. (As if they're your mother)
We all deserve a bit of respect. Nobody plays here to be made a fool of. Please respect peoples privacy and their wish to play in a friendly environment.

5.) No cursing/foul language in excess.
"in excess" is not permission to swear like a trooper. If what you're typing doesn't desperately require a curse word, don't use one. Swearing in every other message is likely to get you muted. Various types of foul language are also looked down upon, including dirty sex chat, drugs, violence, self harm, etc.

6.) No advertising (Servers).
Simply put, no server wants you to connect with the sole purpose of posting the IP of another server. It's a dirty tactic, and if you need to join other servers to steal players and build your own server player base, your server likely doesn't deserve the attention. Similarly, do not join other servers with the intention of advertising Pinchcliffe. We have our own means of advertising legitimately. If you'd like to help get the server out there, vote daily.

7.) Don't beg for staff ranks/items.
Staff will never give you free spawned items, especially not because you fell in lava - this is a survival server ;)
Similarly, we won't change time or weather, or teleport you back to where you died.
We choose our staff carefully and aren't going to promote you just because you're new and asked in chat, or you claim to be from Planet Minecraft. If you really want to be a staff member, fill out a staff application form!

8.) Don't impersonate staff members/lie about staff decisions.
Pretending to be a staff member on an alt account, or lying about the decisions or words of a staff member can land you in quite some trouble. If a staff member didn't say it, don't pretend they did. (Although this rule is directly written about staff members, please be courteous enough not to impersonate, or lie about the words or actions of regular players either)

9.) No overcrowded mob traps/animal farms.
These can be a serious drain on server resources. Please limit the amount of animals you have in farms to a couple of dozen or so, and be courteous enough to add an on/off switch to mob grinders, whether it's a lever to light up the spawner room, or a piston to instantly drop all spawned mobs in lava.

• Please note: You will be held responsible for any actions performed on your account. The "my brother got on my account" excuse will not get you off the hook. Take good care of your accounts security, don't leave Minecraft open if you leave the house, and don't tell anyone your password.

• Staff decisions are final, what they say goes.

• Just because something isn't written here, doesn't mean it's allowed. Please use common sense.

• These rules are not posted in order of severity, and are subject to change.